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Reggae musician zHustlers just found this out the hard way that posting truth about human immune system capabilities of overcoming COVID-19 using natural herbs without vaccines. The social media giants won't let such an action happen due to large pharma companies are using social media for censorship of views and influencing believe in their NAZI experimental agenda of Covid. The musician got banned for placing Ghetto star on his profile saying he will never vaccinate so they can take him to Antivaxxer's ghetto right now. That led him be permanently banished on Linkedin and removed as admin in his own FB Pages, but zHustlers thinks he knows where is the solution. He says he's learned from his "little" mistake and would like to challenge the Facebook.

"Facebook and WhatsApp are the tools in the hands of CIA - a toy given to a baby of a CIA chief son Mark Zuckenberg. Everybody knows there is no privacy and data leaks are regular however everyone keeps using it due to worldwide recognition of that system. All was good until now - until we have a real threat from governments and we see how lovely puffy Facebook can turn into cold steel machine terminating your life, memories and work you have done for year. It is corporate tool for governance of masses dangerous for democracy." And based on this he launched his own social network called

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Momenters is a censorship free social media platform paying you for your activity from a share of an advertisement revenue. It works like the points system. Users are getting various amounts of coins by commenting, liking other people posts or creating their own. There are two types of a user - Lifetime membership of $99 paid and FREE ones. The free ones can earn like 10,000 points per day but paid - 20,000 points per day. Points can be easily exchanged to real money and withdrawn to Paypal or Coinpayments.

The other way how you can earn on censorship free social media platform inspired by Twitters blockage of a President Trump is by inviting others. Inside the platform is a built in affiliate system. As mentioned before - there are two types of users - professionals - who wish to advertise and promote - they also can earn twice as much as free user; and free user. So when you advertise your affiliate link and people sign up on our website via your link - you earn $0,10 per each new registration and 70% of a PRO upgrade - meaning you can get like $69 if you attract a person who is interestedin advertising on

What else Momenters is good for? You can create blogs, pages, job posts, offers, upload pictures, video, audio files and even have a video call made to other users! Momenters offers very cheap advertisements - like 10 times cheaper than on Facebook. You can promote anything except adult content - it's designed for A.I., crypto and work from home enthusiasts.

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"I got over 2,000 people registered on on the first day of launching the platform. People are doing the same as they would do on a Facebook just with a security of no big brother is collecting their data in order to later manipulate your behavior. Maybe people have got used to they are being watched and like being controlled - however for those who don't - Momenters is a great alternative with much more features than Facebook itself and 180 degrees radical viewpoint on what privacy should be about without censorship. Next thing we are creating mobile app for a chat to also avoid users data collection via WhatsApp most probably used for same Great Restart propoganda", says musician zHustlers, founder of Momenters.

Think about your privacy and security of your online assets - stop feeding Facebook - join private social networks like and follow zHustlers!