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Now two years (and one pandemic) into their lifespan, fan tokens are not just mainstream, but among the hottest items in the crypto space. The market value of those original Juventus Official Fan Tokens is now north of $15, and there's no better pitchman for driving their sustained popularity than Ronaldo, a five-time UEFA Champions League winner and one of the highest-paid, most famous athletes in the history of sports.

To date, 24 clubs have launched fan tokens, including Paris-Saint Germain, FC Barcelona, and Manchester City. But none of those clubs have CR7 — who also happens to be the standard-bearer for another blockchain-powered craze.

As NBA Top Shot exploded in popularity and put sports-themed NFT collectibles on the map, the soccer world subsequently offered its own answer in the form of Sorare. The Paris-based platform invites users not just to buy and sell licensed player trading cards on its official marketplace, but to use them to compete for prizes in a five-a-side fantasy soccer game.

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In February, LeBron James became the king of Top Shot when one of his highlight Moments sold for $208,000. At the time, it was the most expensive sports NFT ever sold on a dedicated marketplace. But last month, King James was dethroned by Cristiano the Great.

A 1-of-1 Sorare card featuring the legendary Portuguese forward sold for $290,000. Already the standard-bearer for soccer fan tokens, he had become the very same for the sports NFT market.

Lionel Messi superfans surely won't want to acknowledge it, but here and now, Ronaldo is truly the face of crypto for the world's most popular sport. And backed by his influence, there's no telling just how high the ceiling is on this ever-expanding craze.

FC Ronaldo Fan Token is a coin created to represent the people who love Cristiano Ronaldo. All the coins were created for only 300 million coins based on the number of Ronaldo's followers on Instagram. This means that if everyone only holds 1 coin, the price of the coin can be much more worth.

20% of the CR7 income will be used to buy Bitcoin for Ronaldo in order to fund the program which helps seek for new players and gives opportunities for talented players who lack funds for developing their skills in order to achieve their dream as a professional player. We will also give them chances to train and test their skills with us.30% of the shared income in 2022 will be used to build a foot club with the name "FC Ronaldo Fan Token." The club "FC Ronaldo Fc Fan Token" will be established in order to find skillful players around the world and bring new players into the world-class football profession.

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